From idea to identity

Alessandro Moriconi is a multidisciplinary artistic director who is passionate about bringing creative identities to life, whether through the concept of a space or through his curation of an experience.

From Vogue Italia to J.W. Anderson, ChloƩ to Lemaire, he has worked on creating conversations by bringing the right associations, judicious new contributions or simply, another point of view.

To him, there is no such thing as bad taste or ugliness, only poor associations. Fueled by his ability to understand desires expressed or implicit, he thrives on the challenge of finding the right pairings, in the manner of a stylist. His only obsession: refining an idea through his inspirations and his references to become truly unique.

Having spent his childhood in the rolling Tuscan hills and his formative years in London, Alessandro has made cultural collisions a natural conversation starter for all his projects. Paris, where he moved in his early twenties, proved to be the perfect locale to refine and fully express his creative vocabulary.

Today, he applies that innate curiosity and interest in cultures to determine what others need, always looking to open a fresh new perspective. A collector who has made his visual memory into a curio cabinet of influences, Alessandro can select and call upon emerging talents and respected professionals in the broader creation spectrum. And with just a conversation, a whole universe is born.


Instagram @alessandro__moriconi